My New Diary, 6/7 to 6/9/2018

At the start of the (1936?) Paul Robeson King Solomon’s Mines I am oppressed by a scene of diamond mining—hundreds of men laboring like ants in a large pit, digging and sifting.  A disgusting madness pursued for generations!


Prison Diary Extract

This isn’t much, but a few readers may like it.  A couple of pages from my prison diary, dated 8/8, 8/10, and 8/13/2015: What can one say about the human condition and human suffering to make it tolerable and not meaningless?

My New Diary, 6/6/2018

Bad news for me.  I damaged my MacBook Air, the display, and it will cost $475 to get it fixed.  More delay in getting a car, more months on “short rations.”  I need to decide whether to stay with this computer or get a new, Windows-based laptop for the same money.  The fragility of the Mac is a big drawback, but I suppose they're all like this--they turn the case into an eggshell to make it light.