Diary, 4/14 to 4/19/19

Watched Psycho III last night. It revealed Anthony Perkins as a fine, steady, sometimes inspired director as well as an intelligent, subtle actor. Which is to say, I liked it, and him. Whatever it is that makes the Psycho movies entertaining, is present in spades in III. It is the saddest, weirdest, grossest, and funniest of the series, as well as offering the best eye candy.


Diary, 4/12 to 4/13/19

A dream this morning: A prison inmate opens his mouth, revealing a large snake coming forward. The snake’s head looked like a rattlesnake’s. The thought comes in the dream, “He was ever afterward known as the Crunky Snake guy.” I thought of changing “guy” to “inmate.” Whenever I start considering alternatives in a dream, that seems to lead to immediate awakening. The only other things remaining are: we were on a bus, and one guy smelled like juniper.

Diary, 4/7 to 4/11/19

Pablo had brought a book on synchronicity at my request. I read the first two or three pages. The author described an incident in which he was driving on a turnpike on an ordinary day, etc., and the thought “Rushdie” occurred to him. He knew of the author of that name, but could not imagine why the word should pop up at that time. Then a car raced by on his right, and the license plate said, “Rushdie.” He then recognized this to be a “warning” by a “sympathetic intelligence,” to wit, “Rush-die.” Something would “rush,” with a danger of death.

Diary, 4/3 to 4/6/2019

On a whim I went to see the movie Shazam! yesterday. It was terrible because they tried to make it funny and it wasn't funny on the whole (though I did laugh out loud a couple or three times). The action scenes generally involved Shazam running away, which got really old really fast. Other elements of the movie were competent but uninspired. The real problem was with the script, notably the dialogue. Marvel movies have led me to expect funny banter, alas.

Diary: 3/24 to 4/1/19

After listening to twenty minutes of discussion on Thom Hartmann’s program about Joe Biden’s behavior towards the woman who has come forward to complain, here’s the point that I haven’t heard made: Where has this fool been, that he is so out of touch with feminist opinion? If he had any sensitivity toward the man-woman issue, he would have stopped that hands-on business decades ago. That he needs to be educated now, after a lifetime in the Democratic Party, speaks volumes to me. Patriarchy runs in his veins, it seems, and so he is the last candidate we need now.

Diary, 2/9/19 to 3/7/19

A most pleasant surprise: Black Book, a WWII thriller with a stunning, charming, gutsy performance by 30-year-old beauty Carice van Houten. Very tense at times, with lots of twists and turns, lots of death, lots of bare bosoms. Good recreation of ’44 Holland. Happily, no concentration camps. Directed by Paul Voerhoeven of Starship Troopers … fame? I picked up this DVD somewhere cheap, perhaps the last library book sale. This one really got under my skin, well, she did, especially.